Fayetteville Middle School Announcements


Good Morning Fayetteville Middle School

The Middle School will be offering after school tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:05 - 4:05.  I want to encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to get extra help, or maybe just a quiet place to work. Please sign-up through the link sent out by Mrs. Mullis.   

Just a reminder for all 7th and 8th grade students. All cell phones are to be kept in  your locker.  You may still take them to lunch, but they must be returned to your locker after lunch. 

SHCTC will hold a parent night for any 8th grader on Thursday the 25th, from 6 -7 pm. All students who attend will receive a long sleeve T-shirt and have their name out into a drawing for prizes. 

Reminder:  tomorrow morning we will hold the 1st Semester Awards assembly.

7th and 8th grades will start at 8:15, the 6th grade will start at 9:15.