School Resource Officer, Sean Waddle



The School Resource Officer position is a highly anticipated program that was added to the Fayetteville-Perry School District in the 2018-2019 school year.

By adding the position, Fayetteville-Perry Schools have taken a firm stand on increasing school safety and crime prevention; with the School Resource Officer, students, staff and community working closely together to provide a safer and more efficient educational atmosphere.

The program is headed by Ofc. Sean Waddle of the Fayetteville Police Department. Ofc. Waddle is a Certified School Resource Officer, accredited through the OSROA (Ohio School Resource Officer Association) and is an ALICE Certified Instructor through the ATI (Alice Training Institute). He is entering his seventh year in Law Enforcement and has shown exceptional interest in the students and school safety during his employment. He also brings experience and training in Juvenile Relations, Security Management and Community Outreach, as well as traditional law enforcement knowledge. Ofc. Waddle has been the police department's school liaison for a variety of tasks and assignments in the past and was happily assigned to be the School Resource Officer.

Some of the many duties that Ofc. Waddle will be responsible for include:

  • Supervision of School Security Operations - Collaborating with the Administration and Security Professionals to formulate campus safety plans - Create meaningful, effective relationships with the student body and families - Assist School Staff with law enforcement education and guidance - Actively Patrolling the School Campus

" Hello staff, students and parents alike. I'm honored to be the one chosen for such a position and look forward to being a meaningful part in the student's daily lives here at Fayetteville-Perry. As an SRO, I not only will provide Law Enforcement presence here at the schools, but be an informal counselor and educator for the students to come to with questions and concerns that they may have. I wish everyone a very safe year! "

Ohio School Safety Center

Ofc. Waddle can be reached at:


PHONE 513.875.5087