District Profile

Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools

The Fayetteville-Perry Local School District consists of one Pre-K-12 with (3) Schools: High, Middle, and Elementary. We have an enrollment of approximately 942 students. Of those students, 205 students are open enrolled.


Approximate Enrollment

High School (9-12)



Middle School (6-8)



Elementary School (PreK-5)







In addition to having outstanding college preparatory and general courses of study, FPLS is affiliated with the Southern Hills Career Technical Center which offer Vocational Programs and Tech Prep courses of study.  The athletic teams compete in the Southern Hills Athletic Conference (SHAC).  The football program competes in the Southern Buckeye Athletic Association Conference (SBAAC).

Fayetteville-Perry Students take great pride in their academic and extracurricular accomplishments.  The strong support of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), Fayetteville Boosters, Touch Down Club, surrounding business community, and local government enhance the lives of our students.

High School Building

Principal: Rodney Wallace     E-mail: rodney.wallace@fpls.us

Athletic Director: Angela Murphy     E-mail: angela.murphy@fpls.us           

Students Enrolled: 306

Male Students: 175

Female Students: 131

Caucasian: 97.8%

Asian/Pacific Islander: .3%

Hispanic: .3%

Multi-Racial: 1.6%

Students attend SHCTC: 5.9%

2016-2017 Ohio End of Course (EOC) Results

Graduates earned $390,325.00 in scholarships and awards to public and private colleges and universities in Ohio and across the nation 2016-2017.

Fayetteville High School offers 10 Athletic programs throughout the school year: Soccer, Football, Cross-Country, Fall Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball, Winter Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field.

Middle School Building

Principal: Ryan Briggs     E-Mail: ryan.briggs@fpls.us            

Athletic Director: Angela Murphy

Students Enrolled: 217

Male Students: 110

Female Students: 107

Caucasian: 97.2%

Asian/Pacific Islander: .0%

Hispanic: .0%

Multi-Racial: 2.8%

2016-2017 Ohio State Testing Results

Each quarter, to recognize student achievements, Middle School Building Leadership Team implemented a behavior incentive dance.

Fayetteville Middle School offers 7 Athletic programs throughout the school year; Football, Cross-Country, Fall Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball, Winter Cheerleading, and Track & Field.

Elementary School Building

Principal: Aric Fiscus     E-mail: aric.fiscus@fpls.us

Students Enrolled: 419

Male Students: 213

Female Students: 206

Caucasian: 98.6%

Asian/Pacific Islander: .0%

Hispanic: .0%

Multi-Racial: 1.4%

Fayetteville-Perry Elementary is a Preschool through 5th grade facility where students learn and grow with the support and guidance of a dedicated and caring staff.  The elementary learning environment allows each student to set goals, work to their highest potential and celebrate their successes.  Each quarter students are recognized for their achievement and positive behavior.   

Fayetteville-Perry Elementary has a highly involved Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that contributes to the educational learning environment.  Many youth sports are offered throughout the community. 

Fayetteville-Perry Elementary is a great school and as always…Go Rockets!

2016-2017 Ohio State Testing Results