James Brady
Dear Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools Community:

As I begin this year as superintendent of the Fayetteville-Perry Local School District, I’d like to thank the Board of Education for giving me the opportunity.  I am honored and excited about serving this community.  I am confident that my dedication, vision, integrity, experience and sound decision-making ability can lead this district.

I believe we can build on the District’s existing achievements.  Our staff and students are to be commended on their academic success, I am committed to support the continued academic achievement in and out of the classroom.

Today’s students live in an ever-changing world and I believe in order to succeed in a global society, our 21st-century students need caring, competent teachers as well as access to new teaching methods and technology.  Our students should be offered an education that reflects the challenges they will face as adults.  History has shown that even during tough economic times, the combination of American education, family values and work ethic has been an unshakable cornerstone of our society, setting us apart from the rest of the world.

As well as providing a platform for innovation and support for both teachers and students, it will be my responsibility to ensure that all of the students of Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools are provided a safe environment that is conducive to learning.  In my years of experience in public school administration, as well as my career in the U.S. Marine Corps, I have always been willing to make tough decisions to maintain security and safety for the greater good.

I realize, it takes a team effort to keep improving and I have profound respect for staff members who do their jobs well, regardless of the job it may be.  I understand the importance of putting quality people in key positions, and allowing them to work unhindered.

Along with our district’s staff and our students, I believe another key to our current and future success is our parents and community members.  I invite you to become more involved in our school system, if you are not already.  Your input is always welcome and I look forward to a successful school year.


Jim Brady